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Meet Arnie

 Hi my name is Arnie. When you spend some time with me you will find that I am very special in more ways than one. I am an easy going guy, get along with most of the other dogs, gentle and good natured Yes, I am pretty perfect. You will notice that my legs look a little twisted.  They say I have a development issue but I am not sure what that means cause I still run and play. I treasure going for walks and you will be delighted at how well I walk on leash. At the end of the day there is nothing I would like more than to get cozy on the couch. I know I am special and that there is a special person out there for me.

**As Arnie grew his body developed differently making him a unique fellow. For more information on Arnie please call or text 765-969-4782.


Our Sanctuary is currently still completing construction so please give us a call or text at 765-969-4782 before dropping by.



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  Hello, my name is Penny. In the past I have shuffled from home to home never truly finding a place I belong. After ending up in a city shelter I found myself depressed and very ill. Then the people at Liberty Acres rescued me. The volunteers and staff fell in love with me. I am pretty sure I have each one wrapped around my paw. They say I am high maintenance. With my cancer, diabetes, age and blindness I can be lots of work but they seem happy to care for me. I heard one of them say that I am so special that I am a Sanctuary Citizen. I no longer have to search for a forever home and have found the place I belong. 

Penny's story is one of many here at the Sanctuary. Any size donation is greatly appreciated. You may also mail your donation to Liberty Acres United 3546 East Mitchell Road Liberty IN 47353

Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please fill out an application.  If the application is approved we will set up a time for you to meet with your potential new house mate. Please note it takes approximately 4 days to process an application. If you have dogs currently we recommend that you bring them with you to meet the new dog. Adoption fees are $100 for an adult dog. This includes the spay/neuter and vaccinations. **As we are still in the construction phase please give us a call or text at 765-969-4782 before dropping by.

Adoption Application

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Looking to Re-home Your Pet?

If you have a pet in need of a home please click on the link below. It will lead you to a wonderful re-homing site that can help you find the perfect family for your pet. The Sanctuary has very limited space and is still finishing up construction so we can not take in owner surrender dogs from the public at this time.

The Sanctuary only takes in dogs that are at immediate risk of euthanasia at other shelters.

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About The Sanctuary


About Liberty Acres

Liberty Acres is a 22 acre sanctuary devoted to enriching the lives of dogs as they wait for a "forever family". We are still under construction but when we are finished we hope to provide a loving and homelike environment to senior and  special needs dogs. The dogs come from other shelters where time is limited and resources are in short supply. We offer these "death row" senior and special needs dogs a place where they can get back to health and be re-homed. Some become permanent residents due to health issues. Check out our Sanctuary Citizen section.


Accommodations for our Dogs

While at Liberty Acres, dogs enjoy accommodations in cozy, tiny homes with access to a doggy door and a fenced in area.  The houses are air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. You will find the dogs lounging about on a couch or snuggled up in a bed. There are trained staff that live on the property, therefore the dogs never feel alone. We are still under construction and the dogs are a big help, well they think so.  Daily Activities for the dogs include: hikes in the woods, off leash running in the 6 acre fenced area.


Where do our dogs come from?

Liberty Acres is a last resort for senior and special needs dogs who have been in other shelters. These dogs have been placed on their euthanasia list and their time is very limited. We work with several shelters around the area to pull these dogs so that they will not be put to sleep. Instead they come here to wait for adoption or live out their days.

Meet some of our Sanctuary Citizens

What is a Sanctuary Citizen?


Liberty Acres is a Sanctuary. Yes we adopt out animals but there are special cases where an animal would not be available for adoption. Many times in other facilities those animals would be euthanized. At Liberty Acres those animals become permanent residents. They stay with the staff and volunteers until the end of their life. It may be due to medical or behavioral but all of the dogs at Liberty Acres get a chance at a happy life.



Elaine is a dog who has a checkered past. This spunky Coonhound has been around the block and then some. Elaine is a good dog for those whom she chooses to befriend but they're numbers are few. She spends her time with her furry BFF Winnie. She doesn't trust new people and therefore will get to spend her last years with those she loves here at the Sanctuary.



Winnie was raised in a feral dog colony. She knows very little of human touch or interaction. She has come a long way here at the Sanctuary but still prefers her doggy friends over the two legged kind. She spends her days running thought the woods and snuggling with her BFF Elaine. We love our quirky addition to the Sanctuary and are happy to ensure she is happy for as long as she will have us.



Our little Louie seems to have more silver hair than most. He is an older fellow for sure. Louie has spent most of his life in rescues and shelters. He takes a bit of time to get to know and chooses his friends very carefully. Louie came to us with the intent we could find him a home. After several crippling episodes and vet visits we learned his "crankyness" was due to severe arthritus in and around his spinal area. Louie is on meds to keep him comfortable and he will no longer be searching for his forever. Louie is now a Sanctuary Citizen until his time on earth is through. 



Penny came to us emaciated and full of infection. At around 8 plus years old we were not sure she would make it. She has a couple of cancerous tumors and after several vet visits we learned she was also diabetic. Many places would have her put to sleep but one meeting with this goofy girl and you will see her light still shines bright. She can be very demanding and is the boss of the yard. She spends a lot of her days lounging on her couch enjoying the air conditioning. Penny is a high maintenance old gal but we don't mind maintaining her.  She will live out her days with us here at the Sanctuary.

Pearly Girl



Pearl was rescued from a fighting ring. No she wasn't a fighter, well not like you would think. Pearl was one of their breeding dogs only taken out of her tiny cage to breed with aggressive males. So I guess you could say she is a fighter, she fought her misery to stay alive. The scars of her past show on  her body but not her spirit. 

Thankfully she was rescued from her horrible past several years ago and had love with a family. Then in her golden years tragedy struck in the form of a car wreck that left her without a home. Pearl is 12 years old. We are honored to have this wonderful girl in their final years. She is a true inspiration. 

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Adoption Days at PetValu Richmond

Thinking of adding a new pet to your family but wanna meet them first?


Come see our adoptables on Saturday April 27th from noon until 4pm at Petvalu 4740 National Rd E, Richmond, IN 47374


You can bring your own dog to meet our dogs and see if they get along. Who knows you could find your new best friend.


Proud to be part of Richmond In Concert

InCONCERT - Bringing community and non-profits together through entertainment. Learn more at www.inconcertrichmond.com


Check out the next In Concert event. Remember that every ticket you purchase from us goes to the Sanctuary dogs.


Spring Adopt A Thon at Petsense Richmond


Saturday May 4th

Join us and many other shelters/rescues at  1503 E. main Street
Richmond, Indiana 47374 from 9am to 5pm.

Lots of Adoptables waiting

 In hopes of saving as many lives as possible, we will be hosting our 3rd Adopt-A-Thon. We will have local shelters, and rescues at the store with wonderful animals for adoption! We will also have our donation raffle baskets, Coloring contest for the kiddos, and many more fun activities. Can't wait to see you! 

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Our Wish List

Cleaning Supplies


Bleach, Laundry soap, Dish soap, Lysol Cleaner, Fabuloso Cleaner, Paper towels, Garbage bags (both 13 gallon and 30 gallon)

Office Supplies


Stamps, pens, pencils, note pads, lots and lots of copy paper, ink for our ENVY 5540 printer

Training Supplies


Small, good tasting training treats, good leashes and collars are all essential to our mission. Interactive toys and treat toys are also a great way for the dogs to exercise their minds.

Medical Donations for Hospice Dogs and Vet Care


As a Sanctuary we take in many animals that would be euthanized by other shelters due to an illness or injury. These animals come in with various medical problems that are costly to treat, however we know they are worth it. You can help us save these animals that would otherwise be forgotten.

Landscaping supplies


As we are still finishing up construction we are always in need of gravel, wood chips and edgers. These items not only make the place look good but they also help some of our dogs who have mobility issues get around.

For all pets to be Spay/Neutered


 Spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous in about 50 percent of dogs and 90 percent of cats. Spaying your pet before her first heat offers the best protection from these diseases. Neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems. By spaying and neutering your animals you are also helping to prevent the overpopulation of companion animals. It just makes sense.


Get your Pet Friendly License Plate!

Proceeds from the Pet Friendly plate go directly to spay/neuter Hoosier pets.

 Spay Neuter Assistance Program or SNAP is a program for Limited Income pet owners pay $20 per surgery in SNSI's stateide network after meeting eligibility requirements.

NOTE:  You must be a resident of the State of Indiana to request a SNAP application. SNSI utilizes veterinarians in surrounding states, but limits the program to Indiana residents.

Low-Cost Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) serves Indiana residents with:

  1. Household income at or below 200% of Federal Poverty guidelines  
  2. Indiana residents that have been accepted in certain needs-based public assistance programs 

For more information on the program and to apply please visit www.spayneuterservices.org

Want more info?


The Pet Friendly license plate is $40, with $25 going directly to SNSI. The plate is available online at the BMV's website and at your local BMV locations.

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To those we have lost

"Gone from our lives but never our hearts"

 To sit with those who truly need you, those that everyone else has forgotten. To grasp their paw and stroke their coat. To talk of silly stories with them as you hide the pain of loss. To calm your hands from shaking and keep breathing through the tears. To hold dear every memory of love as you let them go. Giving them the same dedication they gave to us, without question. Sleep well and run free our furred friends. Til we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. 


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As we are still under construction hours are by appointment only at this time.  Please call or text (765) 969-4782 to schedule a visit.